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Roma 2011


Project 3

It's finally coming together.  With mixed feelings about nearing the end of this semester, Project 3 is almost over.  The assignment part A; to render a façade from an engraving as accurately as possible, paying attention to its detail and organizations.  Part B of the assignment asked for a careful study and analysis of the façade's underlying formal composition.  We were to explore other dirgram types and diagram the Palazzo with sketches, composing a sheet of watercolor paper as though it were a sketchbook analysis.

While the office upstairs is currently closed (making it impossible to scan today), I will be sure to include part B of project 3 when I have a few moments in the next couple of days.


southern italy tour

spanish quarter & galleria umberto | napoli
castel nuovo
central post office
casa malaparte | capri

baia complex | pozzouli
castellammare | street section


s. maria della pace | photography workshop

Our video from Stanley Hallet's photography workshop.
Pictures taken in Santa Maria della Pace

Project by: Emily Anderson | Stephen Riley | Christopher Testa

the days before southern italy

So, we're leaving for Southern Italy tomorrow.
This is our last group trip outside of Rome this semester, and I can see that we're all feeling the approach of the end.
The Roma v. Juventus game tonight will surely be an excellent Roman way to kick start these travels.  After looking for the perfect Roma shirt (which I never found), I did the next best thing and bought a 7 Euro t-shirt from a vendor last night on the way home from dinner.  It's probably a better option considering we're seated near the away section of the stadium.  It should be an interesting night.

I can hardly believe this experience is almost ending.  Every day I walk home from the downtown area, I think how long and annoying that walk is when I'm tired.  Immediately I mentally slap myself across the face and say, "What do you mean this walk is annoying!?"  I say this only because I know minute I get home, all I will be thinking of is getting the chance to walk that route just one more time.  Clearly, my time here as a student in Rome must come to an end, and I'm honestly going to love seeing all of my friends back home again.  I just have to make these last few weeks worth it; savour every moment and every coffee that I can.

Two days ago was a sketching day for me.  I went out, got a slice of pizza, and headed over to the parliament building to look at the façade.  This was suggested to us a few weeks ago, and I found it fitting with project 3 to go out and look at these newer Roman façade types.  One thing I'm realizing is that I'm actually going to miss sketching the city of Rome.  There are so many buildings that I pass by every day, and even though I appreciate them, I'm not understanding them as well as when I sit down and sketch.  It's getting over that initial fear of messing up the page, and then the drawing is yours to discover.  I need to push myself to get out of the house early these last few weeks to draw as much as I can before I leave.  This will only make sketching easier, and increase the amount of what I learn each time I sit down to analyze a new building.

Yesterday was a beach day; a much needed day of rest.  After figuring out the tram line that takes us right to the shore, the day was already planned. What else could college kids need to plan for the beach? 
I'm glad I took the time to enjoy a different part of Roma with my peers.  It's the obscure things we do that make us different from travelers and tourists (sunburns and all...Justin).  Although we encountered a few too many obnoxious Americans in Budweiser bathing suits, we were happy to be with each other doing something different.
swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
photo credits | Lisa Nucera

I am definitely excited for this trip South, I'm just nervous of how fast the rest of the semester will be once we return.  One day at a time is all I can say.

photo credit | Chrissy Chlebda